No Whonix Repository Wizard on First Boot of Gateway in Terminal Mode

Whonix 13 Gateway with 400MB RAM (Terminal-mode):

On first boot, whonixsetup wizard is followed by whonixcheck. No whonix_repository wizard. No whonix sources.list.

Just confirming that’s working as intended.

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Yes. Rather, after whonixsetup (cli) after console login, will show the following message is shown.

Consider running the Whonix Repository Tool!
Otherwise you will not be receiving upgrades from the Whonix team!
For example:
whonix_repository --enable --repository stable

Btw this is implemented here:

This is because there is no time to prettify the usability aspect of that. In past, whonix_repository (cli) tool had a a gui (graphical user interface) that could run from within a text console. It has been removed to simplify whonix-repository (cli) code and since we got the graphical whonix-setup-wizard (X gui) tool. The whonix-repository text-gui could be re-implemented as a separate tool by a contributor.

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