No video thumbnails?

Hello forgive me for being new.

I’ve been trying for 2 days to get video thumbnails(previews) to work in thunar and dolphin to no avail, is there something simple I am missing, I cannot seem to instal ffmpegthumbnailer or anything either, please help me

Hi JasThomp. Welcome to the Whonix community!

Thumbnail preview has been disabled by default for security reasons. There a few forum threads on this subject that might be helpful. You can find those by using the forum search engine.

Otherwise these links might prove helpful. Please keep in mind that enabling preview is not recommended.





Hey 0brand,

Thank you for the quick response, although none of those links tell me anything, I just need instructions or something, I feel like I’ve tried so much, there just isn’t any help for this anywhere?

I really want to use whonix a lot and support the project, but this is holding me back, is there a way to enable VIDEO thumbnails in any file manager?

Discouraged for security reasons.

Thunar -> Edit -> Preferences -> Show Thumbnails -> Switch from Never to something else

Also https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

Thank you I understand, It’s just that I’ve done these steps and this is only for image previews, I need video previews, I am new to linux I didn’t think something as simple as this would be so difficult :confused:

Dunno if thunar supports video thumbnails. See if some other file manages has this feature.

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