No space in Workstation TemplateVM

I wanted to download and install some software in my Workstation TemplateVM, but a df of my /home shows that I am using 100% and have 0 bytes free. I put some files in the trash, but I am unable to empty the trash. How can I free up some space?

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this question isn’t in any way related to Whonix, so please regard this: What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not.

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Well, according to those guidelines, this is happening “inside” the virtual machines e.g., inside my Whonix Workstation TemplateVM. Inside my Workstation AppVM it shows ample space available. I’m just not clear why I would only have this issue with a Whonix template in Qubes.

I’ve only installed 1 piece of software in this template so it seemed odd. I guess I’ll look elsewhere for assistance.

@bill You can increase the space of the VM by using the Qubes VM Manager.

Right click VM that needs more space, go to VM settings, in the Basic tab at the bottom is the disk sizing for you to increase.

Your issue is increasing the size of a VM in Qubes. It is not Whonix specific. It is Qubes specific. I hope you understand now.