No sound on whonix in VMware

I have whonix workstation and gateway installed using VMware. I followed all of the steps but I am not getting any sound from this operating system. I get sound from other vm’s that I have so it isn’t my host machine. The installation of whonix did not add a sound card in the vm settings so I added one manually. If you’re going to say to not use VMware and to use virtual box, I know. I plan to. But for now, how can I fix this? Unless VMware is my problem.

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Due to the fact that VMware currently isn’t supported (or recommended) we are unable to assist you here as noone has experience with it.

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You rightly predicted our answer.

In the spirit of promoting how to generally approach strange issues, I advice: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

Specifically I would suggest to install plain Debian jessie in a VM first. Then see if there are any sound issues. If there are, then very likely it’s not an issue specific to Whonix, but caused by a upstream project, then you gain access to a much bigger support community.

I’m finding more reasons to use Virtual box than VMware for whonix. I guess that’s what I’ll do. Thanks.

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