No authentication on latest update packages running Virtualbox on Ubuntu please help??

Ok I am still very new to whonix and I am running it on Virtualbox on Ubuntu. I have have noticed several things over the past month and wanted to ask about them in order of importance:

  1. The latest update of packages came with a warning of no authentication so I did not install.

  2. I have noticed that the frequency of new updates on whonix check update requirements is close to daily is that normal?

  3. When I was first running whonix when I would run whonixcheck the exclamation point notification would come up and say the actual number of packages that need to be updated I remember on one update it said there were over 100 then after that update it now says that “there are just packages that need to be updated.” Why did you make this change of not notifying the number of packages to be updated?

  4. Lastly, I know that Ubuntu is not the most effective way to run Whonix but this unauthenticated update puts me at a cross roads because I don’t want to run it without being up to date as I rely on your service for security, yet if I can’t get an authenticated update I was told to never install kindly advise.

Thanks for all your work and help.

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  1. Explained here under Updates: Security Guide - Whonix

  2. Is, as far as I can tell normal.

  3. Simplicity, see here:

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