No audio in Whonix KVM

I am using Whonix KVM and there is no audio.

I should note that I am using ALSA on my host. I don’t have pulseaudio nor pipewire, neither do I want to have them.

Any suggestions ?

Try a non-Whonix VM.

I obviously did try that. And it works well in my other VMs but not Whonix.

Seeing the low support request reply activity here your only chance is Generic Bug Reproduction. Otherwise it’s somewhat unlikely this will be resolved.

My random guess is a difference in the host operating system (outside of any VM) libvirt configuration files. I recommend to compare them in a diff viewer and look for relevant differences.

Note: I am not a maintainer of Whonix KVM.

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I actually fixed this, and it turns out Whonix just had sound muted by default for some reason, and when unmuted, the volume was set to 0% but XFCE showed sound icon as full, which led to my confusion.

You can close this thread now.

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