Newbie needs help with SOCKS5 on Whonix!

Hello there,

I am new to Whonix and Linux in general.

I use VIP72 socks5 and proxifier, and it works wonders on my windows.

I tried to install VIP72 socks5 and proxifier on Whonix, but it just will not work.

I used crossover and wins to run the files, but it cannot load certain things and it just will not work.

Can anyone please tell me how to install SOCKS5 on Whonix?

Thank you very much! Any help is GREATLY appreciated. :slight_smile:

Can I use VM to access windows inside Whonix?
Would that compromise the security of the system?

I suspect that system level tools such as socksifiers won’t work inside wine / crossover.

For socks and stuff, see: