new ui for whonix website


New user interface for the Whonix site with a redesigned window for receiving donations.

We used html + css + php + js
The version without js also works

Github code



Could you have a look please? @Ego


Good day,

First of all, sorry for the slight delay in my reply.

Secondly, thank you very much for supporting Whonix in such a way. I have now assessed your work and there are a few things which stick out to me.

For one, we decided to not use any non standard fonts, as to both ensure the lowest possible loading time, as well as not having to rely on any non viewable source files. Thus using “.woff2 files” sadly is not possible for us.

Adding to that, obviously JavaScript or any sort of browser executed scripting is not an option for us, so that would be something to remove in its entirety.

The rest appears to be working flawlessly.

Thank you and have a nice day,



Hi guys.
Ego comments on the theme of font and java are accepted. The work is already under way, I think that today or tomorrow by the evening we will replace the code with a git and also the demo presentation code.
Have a nice day!


Could you have a look please? @Ego


Good day,

Sorry to say, but the repository appears untouched. I can sadly not find any changes.

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Guys excuse me by mistake the repository that was at the very beginning of the project. Now you can see the error fixed.


I ask you to see please? @Ego


Good day,

Thanks again, appears to be working perfectly from where I am sitting. Could you perhaps however seperate the donation pages in its entirety from the download section? Thank you.

Have a nice day,



The very idea and redesign is designed for the fact that the donation page is tied to the download page and if we now divide them - then we will return to the old scheme, just with a slightly modified donation design.


A good day!
No problems!)
We will make separate pages for you in the evening tomorrow.
Have a nice day


Well, actually, the idea was… People who download should be encouraged to donate. Doesn’t this sound good? @Ego


Having the /Donate page improved (sharing the new code) however makes of course sense.


Good day,

Yes, of course, however that doesn’t necessitate to minimize code separation. Cross-Linking them is still possible, while having them separate, making everything more efficient and cleaner.

Have a nice day,