New to whonix question about VPN compatibility

Hello first off please forgive how green I am to both Linux and whonix. I am trying my best to learn as I go. However, given I have only been on Linux for less than a week this question my sound really dumb. If my intention is to run whonix under a VPN if I have a VPN enabled outside the VM and then run the VM whonix gateway and workstation is that the same thing as running open VPN to VM whonix to Tor? Or is there a specific whonix configuration required and do I also have to install the VPN onto the whonix interface in order to achieve what I am trying to do. Again I am well aware that I am way over my head even messing with whonix being so new to Linux but I figure this is the fastest way to learn. Any advice on whether or not my current set up is secure or am a better off just using VPN under TBB and leaving Whonix alone until I know more about what I am doing. If I do need to set up an open VPN onto the whonix interface in order to achieve what I am trying to do what is the best VPN that would be best compatible with whonix?? My intention is to hide the fact I am accessing tor from my ISP. I am sure you have all heard about the comcast vs Tor issue. This is why I am running tor under an open VPN one that allows anonymous payments and “claims” to not keep logs. Since everyone is saying whonix is the next level up as far as tor security I jumped the gun and set it up but have no idea how to configure it securely outside of forbid Java and having high tor security settings. Any and all help and advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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there is an explanation on how to use a VPN inside the Whonix-Gateway, to hide the fact that you’re using TOR, here: Combining Tunnels with Tor There, you may also find a few examples of more or less tested VPN-Providers. Furthermore, please read this on ISP and TOR/Whonix: Hide Tor use from the Internet Service Provider Also, please read the following things, to get a good feeling for the ins and outs of Whonix, TOR, Anonymity/Pseudonimity, etc:

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