New Qubes Website! New Whonix Website?


Good day,

So the front-page you’ve proposed is now viewable in a rudimentary state here: http://egobits1.github.io/wiki/ The pictures and the text are of course place holders as always. Also created a draft for the FAQ you may find here: http://egobits1.github.io/faq/# with a “Get back to the top” button and page jumps for easy usage.

Sadly, said button doesn’t seem to stick to the right hand site when using a mobile device. Will have to look into that issue. Also, I feel like the button should rather be a picture, than text. Maybe an arrow pointing upwards?

The next updates will mainly focus on me optimizing, improving and fixing my CSS, as it contains a lot of things which aren’t used anymore, but do in fact lead to me having problems with implementing the font-weight @elioqoshi proposed. On that end, a question would be whether every page should have such “light fonts” or just the homepage.

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Ego - that website is looking great! Thumbs up to all involved :+1:


Hey Ego,

The website still needs lots of changes which I already proposed in my mockups. Let me know when you can implement then so I can suggest new updates. It would kind of not make sense to suggest new things now when the initial design elements are not implemented yet. Let me know how your schedule is :slight_smile:


Good day,

You are of course right there. I’m currently simply strugeling a bit with fixing certain issues I myself created in style.css… Is also why my last commits on Github where massive changes on that front. As I was unable to really iron out what keeps my design changes from being applied when using the original file, I’ve spent the last few days rewriting it from scratch which is quite a tedious task. Anyways, should be finished by wednesday if I don’t missjudge my abilities (as I usually do).

After that, like you’ve said, we can continue working on the improved documentation, translation, etc.

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Perfect, just let me know when you need my input :slight_smile:


Good day,

So finally found time to include the proposed changes, had some stuff (both health and otherwise) going on, which is why it took me a little longer than anticipated. Luckily, the stylesheet shouldn’t be bothering us any longer, as it seems to have been cleansed of any mistakes, which (could) have lead to issues down the line.

However, I’m still not completely fine with how the site looks now, especially in regards to readability. Even with font-color black, some of the text is barely readable at this font-weight/thickness. Tried multiple solutions, non of them improved readability other than massively increasing the thickness (to the point we started out from). Maybe using a different font might be an option… Will look into some.

Will now start optimizing/fixing the html part of the site, as, if this is going to be used as I’m pressuming that isn’t going to be flawless either.

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Whonix newsletter



Good day,

In that regard, what can be accomplished without JS is to create a php based solution, which simply sent each new mail address to a “receiver address”. From there, it would then have to be automatically added to a list containing every subscriber. Whether this is a viable solution would have to be discussed.

Edit: Just tried, isn’t possible with Github Pages, as they don’t allow php, only HTML and JS. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/github/comments/2zhgbu/can_i_run_a_php_script_on_gh_pages/ Sadly, without either JS or php, I don’t see a way to “take” any user inputs and reuse them in any way…

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Php and mailer is available on the whonix.org server anyhow.

We need also a verification mail before sign up (to prevent abuse). As
well as an opt-out blacklist. Not a super small project when inventing
it from scratch. I’d say, therefore low priority, follow-up task.
Hopefully we could reuse some existing code. But let’s discuss that in
the Whonix newsletter thread.


What is the status of this? @Ego

Can we get a minimal version deployed and do remaining chances later?


Good day,

Is possible to a degree. Since we don’t have any “short/optimized” documentation finished, that would need to be written beforehand, unless you really soely want to use this as a homepage and still continue to link to the wiki for everything while the transition is happening. If we had one, or you have already somewhat of a picture in regards to which parts we may copy, I could include those right away. Either way, just hard reseted (reverting wasn’t possible for some reason…) the repository to a stage at which most things should work (since Github really messed up certain things when I tried to apply certain changes while also uploading a 4GB sized project) so you may just fork/download the files and put them on your server. There are certain improvements which sadly aren’t/couldn’t be included in this version though.

The decision whether to use the “style” found at http://egobits1.github.io/wiki2/ or the one at http://egobits1.github.io/faq/ is still pending though.

Either way, you may find it here: https://github.com/EgoBits1/EgoBits1.github.io

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unless you really soely want to use this as a homepage and still continue to link to the wiki for everything while the transition is happening

Yes. Why not. :slight_smile: Step by step. Let’s try not to have one task block
another in deadlock.

Probably very much worth it since that alone already is a huge gain for
the Whonix project and might improve the impression new whonix.org visitors.


There is one blocker. We shouldn’t fetch racecourses from third party
servers without strong reason for privacy reasons.

Just saw this:

<link href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.5/css/bootstrap.min.css"

Could you include it in the code please? And check there are no other
similar instances?


Good day,

Well, it is possible to include the content of that .css file locally though as far as I am aware off, it isn’t really considered best practice to include “Bootstrap base files” and thus will harm the rating a site gets by Googles-Crawlers to some extend. If there are privacy concerns however, that is a strong reason to include it. Will thus make the necessary changes right away after my new Github-Server has finished updating. Should make reverting if I mess up the repository somewhat easier when it is seperate from my work devices…

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Good day,

Just realized that I messed up two things in my mind. What you found there was part of some very old, already deprecated code which was there to test certain wiki functions. Has thus been removed.

What I wrote before however still applies to this line which may be found in every page I wrote for the same reasons mentioned above:

<link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway:100' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Will thus remove/replace that as well.

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Yes, please let’s fetch that file locally. Have it on some location on
whonix.org server. (Using relative links to not break Whonix onion.)
That is better than fetching resources from third parties.


Good day,

Has been changed accordingly.

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One more external font. Can you remove it please?



How far are you implementing suggestions by @elioqoshi?

I find the fonts a bit difficult to read. Specifically at the very top and very bottom.

But if it is just my monitor or my eyes, it can stay as is.


Good day,

The font actually was a suggestion by him. If you recall, initially, I used a much thicker one. In regards to the wiki/faq, like mentioned, his recommendation have (to the best of my abilities) been implemented, though it still needs to be decided which style/appearance suits best.

Done. Forgot to include the font containers locally…

Have a nice day,