New privacy oriented email service provider (100% free and ad-free) - wiki?

(hi sorry to recreate the thread but it was removed, maybe it was an error ? Also posting here because our user is not allowed to send PM, se we are unable to discuss this with the member which removed the post. Please contact us on support@ruggedinbox.com if needed)

Hi all, first post here, we love this project!

We are trying to create a good alternative to mail2tor and safe-mail.
https://ruggedinbox.com/features.php has little more than 1 month but we are ‘challenging’ various hackers / bloggers / darknet / bi$
in short time we’ll change the current logo and remove the ‘beta’ label.

The service can be considered volunteer / no-profit, we enjoy working on it.
If you prefer the Tor hidden service version, that’s the address: http://s4bysmmsnraf7eut.onion/features.php

We would like to be included in your wiki page: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/E-Mail
do you think that would be possible ?

Please let us know if you have any suggestions,
thank you very much for Whonix and for supporting the privacy of the users worldwide!!

I tried it out today and I’m impressed that my e-mail was relayed from my .onion e-mail account to various e-mail accounts on the clearnet and vice versa. That is, unlike mail2tor and torbox, who only relay to and from certain other e-mail providers you appear to have complete connectivity between your .onion site and any clearnet inbox.

I’ve been thinking about how to do that myself, on a longterm basis without being shut down by law enforcement, and I could only come up with methods that are unethical such as spam zombies. How does one have a public e-mail relay between Tor and clearnet without being harrassed by the state?

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