new Kloak code not present in the developer repository

In the thread “Current State of Kloak” it has been established that the new upgrades to Kloak that include mouse fingerprinting evasion have been established in the Whonix developer repository.

Despite having changed my repo to the dev with the GUI tool provided, kloak still has the old settings.

Where is the new Kloak? I want to both enjoy the new features and test everything as well.

The developers repository is not for users.
Users shouldn’t enable the developers repository.

User’s aren’t expected to take any special action in this case.

Sometimes there are call for testers in the news forums. Not for this case.

There is nothing user visible that will change. In other words, users should not expect any noticeable changes.

There’s currently no guide by Kicksecure / Whonix on how to debug package version numbers. I might write it.

Okay fair enough, but are there any plans to put the new kloak versions within stable Whonix sometime?

Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests chapter Package Upgrade Policy in Whonix wiki

Can you make head or tail of Debian Packages - Whonix chapter Package Version Check in Whonix wiki?