New Issue / Bug / Feature Request Tracker


Update 2:

We moved to our new phabricator bug tracker.

Why? Our Github issue tracker didn’t scale for Whonix since it’s a project at the size of a GNU/Linux distribution. Github doesn’t support roadmaps referencing tickets that are in different repositories/projects. Neither adding tickets to more than one roadmap is supported. And adding all tickets to one bug tracker rendered that tracker too crowded and therefore unusable. We’ve discussed this and agreed to move to use phabricator.

Old Whonix Issue Tracker:

New Whonix Issue Tracker:

If you are interested to get e-mail notification about any new issue that is created so you can jump into the discussion, see this wiki link:

We haven’t moved the existing tickets from the old to the new tracker yet. Because there is no import mechanism. Which is sad and a mess. There is a half finished solution. Anyone want to volunteer writing a migration script? See ticket:

For any questions about the new bug tracker, please ask in the forums:,867