New install doesn't have ToS / disclaimer?

Installed the newest version of Whonix (, it does not have the usual ToS that you need to click agree to once the VM is on the desktop. You know the one in two different languages that requires agreeing twice to before you even connect to Tor?

Both Gateway/Workstation no longer has that.

Did that get changed or is there some thing wrong with mine? Checked it with gtkhash and it came back fine.

Got changed.



Why was it removed? Thought it was to warn new users it was not business made, created by enthusiasts and they should read more up if they think it will truly make them 100% anon always.

Why doesn’t the new whonix installation have any usual installation disclaimer, where you had to click “understood” twice? What I have at the start is only "Setup-wizard-dist is completed. Click “Finish” to run systemcheck. ". So it just skips the previous order of installation.

Is this something wrong with my whonix or VB or you just have removed that disclaimer?


No. → Valid Compromise Indicators versus Invalid Compromise Indicators

Again some like myself are asking why it was removed which no one has yet to answer. Do you not know? It has been asked multiple times now.

What are the reasoning to remove such a helpful disclaimer? Especially for new users?

Troll sockpuppet is back.

No, the issue is not having a simple question on the why explained. I went to the Github and could not find where it was removed which is odd. Must have missed it some where but no clue where.

Checked each point release information on the Whonix/Kicksecure forums going back to December of 2023. No mention I can find.

Where is it mentioned in the Github on the removal? Why does no on here seem to know why it was removed or can answer that very basic question?

At this point it is starting to look weird.

Please @Patrick can I know exactly why it was removed and be pointed to where it was listed in the changes? You have my apologies on me harping on this small point. Have found small misses can lead to bigger issues, more so with this type of OS and use cases.

Feeding the troll…

I wouldn’t answer that either. It’s part of legal not part of security.

They finally grew some balls and removed the ugly disclaimer that nobody asked to have and annoyed everyone. No other operating system has this.

You take something minor (the ugly disclaimer making them look like noobs) and then intent to make a huge back and forth debate what ugly message should br shown sucking up developer time.

Bike shedding.

If you cannot even find the source change then you don’t have the skills to perform an audit anyhow.

This is a trivial skill to learn if you use your time for productive things rather than annoying all the open source projects everywhere on the internet with new fake accounts every day.

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