New Identity every X min. gateway

How can i change or set “New identity” for example every 15mins?

For what might that be good?

Just asking, because you might be trying something odd here, that could be archived some other way. See also, XyProblem:

I have bad internet connection and it always disconecting, so after next automaticly connection i need do NEW identity manualy or restart tor if i want still working.

Does this happen with TBB and without Whonix being involved as well?

I am asking, because it would be a lot better to make sure The Tor Project knows about this and fixes this rather than applying some strange bandaid. For anonymity reasons, you don’t want to be that one user who changes circuit after 15 minutes or that one user who constantly needs to restart Tor to make it connect again.

I want restart it every 1 min :wink:
I’ not using tor browser.

I suggest to try if you want this fixed.