New default whonix-internal-service VM to run Qubes updates proxy and sdwdate-gui-qubes to move that out of sys-whonix?

There are some things that I don’t like on Whonix-Gateway running.

  • Qubes updates proxy. Here is a plan to move it to a disposable Whonix-Workstation instead.

  • sdwdate-gui-qubes (receives status messages from Whonix-Workstation’s)

It would also fit into a disposable Whonix-Workstation instead.

To keep the number of running VMs low… What about a disposable whonix-ws based whonix-internal-service VM running all of that? Any better name?

(From perspective of sdwdate-gui-qubes it would only be a detail where it is running if in sys-whonix or in whonix-internal-service.)

Would such a default always running VM (for Whonix users only) even be acceptable? @marmarek

//cc @troubadour @marmarek

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