Network configuration for UTM on M1

I’m asking here since we don’t have a separate UTM forum here. I was able to compile Whonix for UTM, and it worked flawlessly. I’m trying to figure out how to make the Workstation use the network of the Gateway, as it’s supposed to be. What configuration is recommended to do in the network tab in UTM? Thank you.

At time of writing Whonix for Mac M1 UTM is unsupported.

Should that change, it will be easy to discover that on the FREE Whonix ™ Download page.

That should be done by default if this was maintained.

I’d love if a user could share their experience.

The networking is handled by a socket connection directly from the worstation to the gateway. There is not supposed to be anything under network on the workstation. It works out of the box for me.

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