Nested virtualization - Disk sizes of Whonix OSs and host OS

I’d like to play with Whonix under Proxmox as nested virtualizition. The host OS is Trisquel 9. I haven’t checked the size of Whonix before allocated disk size to the host OS, so the host OS has 60GB space available. As i read in the docu KVM section, the Whonix disk images are sparse files.

My question is:
Will it be a problem if i leave the 60GB of the host OS?

if it would be a problem:
1.1 Should i grow the host OS disk space or rather i should reduce the Whonix OSes disk size? Like 25GB for each (gateway and workstation)?

Thanks any help you can provide!

No as long as you don’t download huge files within the nested VMs. Doing that will expand the virtual backing storage and will need to be resized again after the files are deleted.

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