Needs more publicity

how come I never hear of this ? this project is very good !

i only find it on eff website by luck ! you have to try doing an AMA on reddit ( /r/TOR ? )

or creating daily threads in privacy love websites ( 4chan /g/ ? ) ( many potential users )

please keep it up !

Running Whonix is a more technically challenging task than just the TBB or Tails. It will therefore have a more niche market than those two (for the time being), despite likely providing better security (in most cases).

It seems like Patrick is too busy with development to focus on marketing, at this point. We also shouldn’t forget how relatively new Whonix is - projects like this often take time before catching on big-time in the open-source community.

yep very true , i did hear about it after long reading on anonymous OS. and i think after whonix 10 release the team should be working on the website outlooking because its highly documented and its only attractive the readers but not ordinary ppl users/downloaders. im a pharmacist and i have courses regarding marketing the drugs. the ppl will look at 2 things: the price and the outer look of the package of the drug. lets take for example the viagra its a drug found to be used for ppl with heart problems, but how did the viagra went to be one of the most knowing drug among ppl? its because of its advertisements at first stages with not for sure the use of it for heart diseases but xxx uses … so for whonix side: since whonix based on open source, so i think the only side that needs attention in this case is the outlook of the website. (need to be more graphical and using more colors (with harmony for sure) and there are many existing websites to take the outerface from them).