Need ISO files to install in Hyper-V and Vmware

My company uses Vmware and Hyper-V, we cannot install Virtual Box. How do I download the isos to install both the gateway and the nodes?

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Sorry to inform you but neither are supported.

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I converted the disks to Hyper-V and it works fine. However, you actually
shutdown the app if it is not using Virtual Box. This goes against
everything that Tor means: freedom. I need the freedom to try this app in
Hyper-V, who are you to block me from doing so?

Kindly produce a version that does not check for the virtualizer. All of
them are the same at the end. Vmware ESX or Hyper-V.

Hi philip

There have been other users that have successfully installed the ISOs in Hyper-V. If you actually took the time and used the forum search engine ( top right hand corner of your screen ) you would know this. Your probably the type that expect everyone else to do the work for you, so here is a thread for your easy reading.


BTW Ego stated it was unsupported, NOT that you where somehow forbidden. With a tiny bit of effort you could have found this in the documentation.

Next on the list: VMware

What do you know! This is in the documentation too!! Since I don’t want to waste your valuable time here is the link:

Other things to consider:

Last but not least.

If you want a Hyper-V or VMware ISO, DO IT YOURSELF!!

Edit: I failed to mention the most important thing about Whonix!!

Great! That’s an unsupported use case so we’d be very appreciative if you could document your findings in our wiki.

Not sure what you’re referring to. The images contain entire operating systems - there’s no app to shutdown. whonixcheck is a diagnostic tool that checks the type of virtualizer for troubleshooting purposes. It has no affect on the operation of the VM.

You got it. Can’t get any more free than this: https://github.com/Whonix

That’s not exactly true and you’ve got our biases all wrong. We actually prefer KVM & Xen (Qubes) to Virtualbox because of Oracle’s handling of past security vulnerabilities. And Virtualbox over closed-source hypervisors since we have no idea how the latter handle security vulnerabilities at all. But Whonix users are welcome to use any hypervisor they like. We don’t have the manpower (or the money) to support every host OS and hypervisor. (Perhaps Microsoft or VMW would like to add Whonix support to their products? You pay them right?) Whonix-13 & Debian Jessie are in need of an upgrade and that is the current priority.


It would ne nice to have clear steps to setup any box to be a workstation.
A 32 computer is virtually useless on corporate america. I know it sounds
arrogant and I apologize. I cannot even install MariaDB on a 32 bit box.
Can you help?

Hi philip_38

I sincerely apologize for my last post. Unfortunately you caught me on a bad day. I’m usually much more respectful. Have you thought of using Qubes?


You’re in luck! Whonix-14 will be 64-bit on all platforms.

As stated in the FAQ, Whonix-13 was partially 32-bit to ensure that Tor users (some of whom don’t have access to recent hardware) could benefit from Whonix. (The FAQ also provides a method for building 64-bit versions of Whonix-13).

Whonix-14 is currently in testing. Corporate donors would certainly speed up the process. :slight_smile:

It is fine, and I really appreciate the effort you people has put on this.
I tried it in real life, but it is not what I need because once a connection has been made, from a client computer, the external IP address never changes. I need, for corporate purposes, nothing political, that if I open a web browser and go to myipaddress dot com, it shows me one IP. If I close the browser and open it again, and again I test my external IP, it would show a different one. Every time I connect to an outside IP, via http or https, It needs to show a different IP. Is that even possible? I have been getting around the issue using a commercial vpn and disconnecting and reconnecting before using the web browser, which in reality is curl from shell. But the commercial vpn has a limited number of IPs and after a few hours they all get blocked.
Thanks for your comments.

HI philip_38

Thank you for your understanding but my post was NOT fine. You were just looking for answers and my reply was completely inappropriate. Once again my sincere apologies!!

Whonix is free in price as well as in freedom. You can use for for what ever you like.

If you are using Whonix, it is definitely possible. And very easy. However, before I get into that you should know that it is also possible for sites to block/censor Tor users. One of the great things about Whonix/Tor is it does not cost anything so if the sites you regularly visit do in fact block Tor your not out anything but a little time.

Getting to answer your question: Tor Browser has what is called New Tor Circuit Function which changes your exit node ( This is the server where you exit Tor network). The exit node IP Address is what web sites will see as your IP Address. Here is documentation this:


The information is fairly basic but I think it gives a good idea of the use cases for New Tor Circuit Function. If you have any more question I would be happy to help. If I don’t know the answer there are plenty of very knowledgeable forum members who can also help. ent0py (one of the forum moderators) whom has also replied, is one of them.

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