need help with vhost creation

I need help about creation of a vhost
I read to type !vhost Is it the same as writting
!vhost myfakehost or do I need to write !vhost

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Sorry but in what context? Are you talking about vhost creation for Apache? Because that question is one we can’t answer here, as this forum is for Whonix centered questions only.

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No. It is for whonix. In the Xchat guide in anonguide point 15 says " In the next window that open, type “!vhost” and press “enter” to set your virtual host…
So, it is here as do not understand very well how to set my virtual host
The steps are
/j #vhost and in the next window the guide says the above and my question is how I choose the a correct virtual host for me. Do I have to write !vhost or do I have to choose whatever a want and the right sintaxis to do it. regards

The custom vhost in this context is an IRC network specific feature.
euIRC® - European IRC Network - Services Tutorial

Unrelated to Whonix. Whonix does not get into the way here. That IRC network specific feature is not available on all irc networks. The one to ask in this case are the operators of that IRC network.

See also Whonix IRC / XChat documentation that contains links to other pages with tons of IRC anonymity/security education:

Please read also this:
Free Support for Whonix ™

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Hi Patrick
When I asked the question, I was on Xchat .14 and .15
I still do not get the correct way of doing it
in .14
I enter
/j #vhost
in .15
What should I enter?
what mean? and where can I find
The ones that can give you in and what is xxx can I write for example !vhost or should they give me the xxx value?

Please re-read my previous answer.