Need help with updating to latest whonix via KVM (Deb Bullseye)

Hey folks

Little new to this

I see there’s a new whonix for KVM now. I believe I got .29 I think .31 is latest.

What command do I run in order to update to the latest whonix? Where would the command be ran? Would it be via terminal in debian? If so, what’s the command to upgrade to latest whonix?


Welcome. To update simply type sudo apt update && dist-upgrade in the terminal inside the guest.

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Thank you for getting back to me on this Patrick & Hula.

Wasn’t quite sure what you meant by running it in guest.

I have done the required update in both gateway and workstation but cannot do the upgrade.

Would I be correct in doing the dist upgrade in terminal within the Whonix Workstation?

I ran this command in Terminal in Workstation ’ sudo apt update && dist-upgrade

I was faced with this error dist-upgrade: command not found

Also Patrick, I followed the link you provided there and got to this part:

“cat /usr/sbin/release-upgrade | grep version=” it said the version should show a minimum of 1.5.

Well mine didn’t. Mine showed 1.4. Is this normal? If not how do I sort it?

Any ideas? Thanks

Please see documentation.

Thanks Patrick. That’s so incredibly helpful

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