need help setting vpn on whonix gateway - will pay an expert

I’m trying to set up vpn on whonix gateway through this route
virtual box

virtual box -> whonix gateway -> vpn -> tor

since i’ve been trying to do it myself and to no avail after some days

I’d be gladly pay someone expert in the forum to guide me hand by hand to avoid time wasting

and I’d gladly pay by btc / any crypto that you quote and prefer


Hi Rockabye

What OS are you using? Also I’m a little confused. Do you mean you want to tunnel Tor through a VPN like this?

USER → VPN → TOR → Internet

You would use this chain to hide your Tor use from your ISP or for added security if you are using public Wi-Fi

You should try to explain how you want to chain your tunnels by quoting examples in the tunnel instructions. Either that or explain what you want to accomplish. (e.i. Use a VPN to hide my Tor use from my ISP, connect to a bridge before Tor to hide my Tor usage from my ISP, etc.)

If you are trying to ( user → vpn → tor → internet ) you want to configure your VPN on the host . How to do this will be dependent on your host operating system and type of VPN solution you want to use ( openvpn ? ) Keep in mind configuring a VPN on the host is not Whonix specific and you should consult your host operating system documentation and perhaps your OS has a help forum. You could also seek help on a forum like Stack Exchange.

If you need help setting up a VPN inside Whonix-ws or Whonix-gw that is a different story. There are plenty of people on the forum that would be more than happy to help you. No monetary compensation is necessary. However, if you wish to make a donation to the Whonix project…


i need help setting up vpn on whonix gateway

so it should be host -> whonix gateway -> vpn -> whonix workstation -> tor -> internet

i have tried setting up on my own
and i would like someone to help by IM

sure i will donate to contribute to whonix too which ever is prefered

I will do my best to help you out but you need to understand a few things

  1. I’m not an “expert”( I’m not even close to being an expert ) I come to the forum to get help just like you and to help other users when I can.
  2. Helping you by IM may not be possible. Finding a time when we are both available may not be likely.
  3. If you are trying to get your VPN providers GUI to function inside Whonix gateway then I can’t help you with that. ( sorry ) If you are starting the VPN in the konsole/terminal then I can help you with that.
  4. I don’t use Virtual Box, I use Qubes, so even if I can get it set up and functional on my box it does not mean I will be able to do the same for you.
  5. This is what installing a VPN in Whonix gateway will do. The VPN provider will be limited to seeing Tor traffic, but not clearnet traffic.
  6. Donating to Whonix is obligatory . I"ll try to help you regardless if you make one or not .

What exactly are you having trouble with? Do you have logs? Try to be as specific as you can.


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I have configured a vpn inside whonix gateway on my box. If you have followed the instructrons here and are having difficulties I would be happy to help you out. I just need the output of a few commands.

  ls -l /etc/openvpn

That command will tell me if you have the proper files in the directory and if they have the required permissions

cat /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf

I want to see how your configuration file is set up

sudo service openvpn@openvpn start

This will start the vpn if its not already started. There will be no output from this command.

sudo service openvpn@openvpn status -l

Output may indicate what the problem is.

cd /etc/openvpn/        

sudo -u tunnel openvpn /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf

Output may indicate what the problem is.

  1. What vpn provider are you using?
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