Need help getting started

Hi. I’m struggling to understand the instructions to get Whonix up and running using VirtualBox. I already use Virtual Box for an old Windows XP VPC. So far I have downloaded Whonix XFCE and then gpg4win and then a signature called Patrick. I cannot follow the instructions to use gpg4win and the signature to verify my Whonix download. Help :slight_smile:


Have you followed these instructions?

If so, what exact part are you having trouble with?

Right, I click on the link to download the Whonix Signing Key

2. Store the key as ~/patrick.asc .
Don’t know what that means. Alter the name of the file? I can’t put a / into a file name

3. Check fingerprints/owners without importing anything.
No idea what that means. I don’t know what a fingerprint or owner is, don’t know how to check, what should they be anyway?

4. Verify the output.
What output? Verfiy how?

5. Import the key.
Does this mean? I’ve opened Kleopatra, clicked on the import button and chose the patrick file and it gives me a bit of info. But I’m already worried that I couldn’t do steps 2,3 and 4 first.
I don’t get any type of output that matches the instructions

6. Advanced users can check [Web of Trust]
I think we can all tell I’m not an advanced user so let’s ignore this.

7. Complete the Whonix ™ verification steps.
I assume I go back to the previous webpage

It then suggests I use the gpg #command line, not sure if I follow all that.

In Kleopatra Patrick is listed in ‘Other certificates’ but I don’t get " Not enough information to check signature validity "

It then says ‘you need to create your own OpenPGP key first. You could do that using ( Kleopatra → File → New Certificate )’
I haven’t got New Certificate as an option in File. I have New Key Pair. So I am totally at a stop now.

Hi carrotface

I agree the instructions to get Whonix up and running using VirtualBox is VERY confusing. I just started refactoring the documentation. I should have this complete in a day or two. Please be patient.

Keep in mind that the new documentation needs to be approved by the lead developer before they can go live. And they will likely be easy to follow instructions from the Cli. Kleopatra is way to clunky imo. Maybe keep Kleopatra in a separate section

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OK, thanks. I can be patient :slightly_smiling_face:


This new instuctions are ready for a test drive! Let me know if any improvements can be made.

Thanks for being patient. :wink:

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