My IRC .onion gamehub project

I have a running IRC .onion server running ngircd.

I’m planning to add the guide I’m working on(on a secluded subreddit) to the Onion Services Guides eventually. Though before that I’d like to add at least 1 bot(that is some form of a gaming bot) to my own server. I’ve considered IdleRPG but they don’t have a libre license so I’ll wait with that one until I run out of options(I hope I don’t).

After doing some research I found a topic on github called ircbot. I’m currently looking into onebot and trying to figure out how to work this thing. As part of the instructions on how to get onebot up and running I might have to get python-pip up and running too and deal with something called " virtualenvwrapper". This is probably gonna take a lot of my time.


Gathering from this
I realize python-pip is an unwanted package from a privacy perspective. I’ll try to work without that package. Anyway there’s a whole list of irc bots. I will find something somewhere, I’m pretty sure of that…sooner or later.

IRC bots that worked to some extent:

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