Multiple Workstations with Bitcoin Armory, but single blockchain copy?

My preferred Bitcoin Wallet is Bitcoin Armory, and this wallet seems like it should be the preferred wallet for any Whonix user. It seems like the only thing keeping people in the Electrum camp is the fact that it’s a thin wallet with no copy of the blockchain to download.

I don’t mind downloading the blockchain for extra security. But, I can’t download a copy for every wallet. I run a half dozen Whonix Workstations, and they all have Bitcoin wallets. To download the blockchain in each workstation is not feasible.

I know that you can move the datadiretory in Bitcoin Armory, but does anyone know if you could move it to a different VM? Can I have one VM that holds the blockchain (preferably in a qube stored on /dev/sdb, which is a hot-swap secondary laptop drive.)

The blockchain qube needs to be online (I assume), so also needs to be behind a Whonix Gateway, but needs to be accessible from multiple other workstations.

Any direction at all would be appreciated.

This qube blockchain vm need is accessible to all workstations at once or individually?