Multiple Whonix Gateways Entry Guards Rotation


Small question about having multiple gateways. I want to to use multiple gateways for the following uses:

  1. default sys-whonix: In default configuration, only customization is to use the onionized repos.
  2. sys-whonix with transparent proxying disabled. For use with applications that behave well with transparent proxying disabled (monerod, electrumx+bitcoin core)
  3. sys-onionshare, for use with onionshare App Qube, onion-grater configured for onionshare

From my understanding, if the multiple gateways are clones of the original sys-whonix, they will use the same entry guards.

My concern arises when the entry guards rotate after 120 days. Is the rotation of guards deterministic? As in, with all the gateways being clones, is there some sort of shared “seed” that will be used to determine the next set of guards, or will I need to manually ensure that all the gateways use the same set of guards?


It’s random as per Tor default. Should be different guards in most cases. Might be the same guards in corner cases. Chance based because it’s random.

Unspecific to Whonix. I recommend to remove the Whonix specific part from the question and make it a question only about Tor. Then direct the question to Tor.