multiple Whonix-Gateway / Whonix-Workstation

If I can ask a question related to the multiple gateway/workstation issue - most of the above is over my head. Nevertheless I installed second Whonic in my VM. I found that launching one Gateway and two Workstations allowed both workstations internet access. I then went into the VM setting / Network / Adapter setting - I changed the name of the second install from Whonix to Whonix 2 and it was no longer able to connect to Gateway. I then launced the second Gateway install change the same in there to Whonic 2 and the second Workstation was able to connect. It seems the workstations were mapped to the gateway simply by the assigne name in the Internal Network. This seems oversimplified based on the reading i did about assiging new MAC addreses. Or am i doing it correct simply by running two gateways and two workstations each with cooresponding network names?

I had already read thru those and was a bit lost. Not being very tech literate the only takeaway I got was cloning a copy of the unmodified current gateway/workstation, changing network name and mac address and bridge. Since the second version of my Whonix is a fresh install not a clone, then by default i have different mac addresses. Per my above post I simply change the network name and the workstation seems to map correctly to the proper gateway. Those links discuss changing the bridge name. I am using NAT therefore there is no bridge. If I understand it correctly. Or should NAT not be used?

No change related to bridge / nat required.

If you are using VirtualBox - ignore any chapter on KVM.

If you are using KVM - ignore any chapter on VirtualBox.

If you are using VirtualBox or KVM - ignore any chapter on Qubes-Whonix.

These are different supported virtualizers which require different instructions.

I am running non-qubes VB so i see the name change is all that is required so it looks like I had it right. I tend to over-complicate things I dont undedrstand. Thanks.