multiple tabs, .onion and clearweb

Imagine I have whonix open, with 2 tabs. In the first tab is a .onion website and in the second is a normal clearweb website.

Can the .onion site, in any way, get more information about me just because I’m visiting ANY clearweb site in another tab? Or would this specific clearweb site have to put a unique cookie to be meaningful.

Ideally avoided. A really “low tech” case not even considering more complex issues (Tor Browser imperfections). Consider what happens if your host internet connection breaks down? Then both connections would suddenly stop at the same time. Therefore an adversary listening on both websites could make a guess and correlate the two pseudonyms.

Documented here:

Unspecific to Whonix. Same as if using Tor Browser on the host operating system. Therefore this applies:

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