Multiple monitor support

Hello, I am new to Whonix and and trying to figure out how to support multiple monitors. I have three large monitors, middle monitor has 2560 x 1600 resolution and end ones in portrait mode with 1600 x 1200 resolution. Any way I can display the Whonix KDE on multiple monitors? I am so far only able to figure out how to have one KDE window with 1600 x 1200 resolution. My laptop uses a ATI Radeon HD 3650 graphics adapter. Thanks for your help!

Using VMs or physical isolation?

This depends on your host operating system.

Since I don’t think anyone from Whonix community knows this, can you try removing “Whonix” from your question, making this a VirtualBox and/or Debian/Linux question? See Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System.