Multiple gateway question

I asked a question yesterday about running two workstations yesterday each with their own hidden service and it seems it is safer to run two gateways each with their own workstation.

I have followed the wiki but my second gateway won’t connect to tor.

On my orginal gateway it has two NIC.

First points virtual network external NAT
Second is Interanl: Isolated network, interla and host routing only

On my cloned gateway I have both NIC pointing to the new interal2 network I created with Isolated network, internal and host routing only

Do I need to change the first NIC to external NAT on gateway 2 also? I set both NIC to internal2 as it did not mention setting any to external whilst reading the wiki


Thanks that seems to have worked one final question. My computer has 8 cores. Is it best to keep each workstation and gateway set to use 1 each or would it be more efficient to set the workstations to use 2 or 3?

Never attempted to run this type of setup before.

The default config I’ve chosen is for each VM to use a separate core to mitigate against potential crypto sidechannels. I find 1 core enough for most basic tasks. Sometimes you might want to push it up to 2 for the WS if there is a heavier workload you want to do. Hopefully with XFCE transition the base resource use will go down even more, giving you more bang for each core.