Multiple Gateway and Workstation VMs - How to save the interfaces file?

How to save the modified interfaces file (for the new IPs).
Im trying to set up multiple whonix gateway and workstation VMs.
I have no linux skills whatsoever.
I managed to open the interfaces file with the terminal comand “sudo nano…interfaces” and changed the IPs like suggested in the guide on… but i dont know how to save those changes in the file.
If i just close the terminal and re-open the file, its back to its original state… i googled for a guide to modify and save a file with the terminal on linux already, but didnt find a working solution.

so which key-combination do i have to press? or what do i have to type?
thx in advance

ctrl + x

[make sure your keyboard layout is correct first. (Keyboard Layout - Kicksecure)]

Or use a gui editor.

kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces

Awesome! Thanks! worked like charm :slight_smile:
Also thanks for the hint with the keyboard layout!

just two follow up questions:

  1. so for multiple workstations using one gateway, i only have to change the mac-addresses and the internal IP of the additional workstations - that’s it, correct?

  2. and for multiple workstations using multiple gateways (gateway 1 with workstaion 1, gateway 2 with workstation 2 and so on), i only have to change the name of the network adapter of the second gateway i.e. to “whonix 2” and the first (and only) network adapter of the workstation 2 to “whonix 2” as well. That’s it, no changing of the internal IP for the workstation two, right?

  1. Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™

  2. Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™
    Maybe avoid spaces in internal network names. whonix 2 → whonix2