Mullvad WireGuard network connectivity issues in Whonix-KVM, but not in VirtualBox

Using Mullvad VPN over WireGuard on Host. Have had no issues with virtual network interfaces created by VirtualBox, with the option “Local Network Sharing” disabled in the Mullvad app.

After moving to KVM/QEMU, I could never get Whonix to resolve clearnet domains (let alone TOR).

As some posts on Reddit and here suggest, this is fixed by enabling local network sharing, and setting MTU to the highest value in the Mullvad app.

I know this is not Whonix specific, but since the community here is privacy and security oriented I would like to know your thoughts. How is it possible that VirtualBox can functionally bridge the network without any additional tweaks, and what are the potential security implications of this, if any?

Potential duplicates:

Note: I am not a maintainer of Whonix KVM.

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