Mullvad Browser (MB) inside Whonix-Workstation with Mullvad VPN, is it VPN -> Tor or VPN -> Tor?

I downloaded mullvadbrowser because I wanted to use a VPN.

I was wondering if there is a difference between using mullvadbrowser in whonixWS and using torbrowser within whonixWS?

Also, if I connect mullvadbrowser to VPN in extension in whonixWS, will it change from Tor to VPN? Or will it be VPN → Tor?

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Yes, see here for more information:

One notable difference is that Mullvad Browser uses uBlock Origin, whereas Tor Browser does not normally come with it installed by default.

Whonis routes everything through Tor by default, so it will be VPN → Tor. See also:

If you need to ask that then you probably didn’t study Combining Tunnels with Tor yet.


I’m so embarrassed to say that I read it but couldn’t understand it.

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I don’t think the pre-installed Mullvad Firefox extension can do that? See: Mullvad Browser, Mullvad VPN


It’s unspecific to the browser. That is true for any application expect these circumventing the VPN. What that means is already documented in the wiki, but…

…in that case you probably won’t be able to use any of this without unexpected, potentially unwanted results.

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I had a misunderstanding about mullvad vpn. You are right.
I found a firefox extention called sandVPN and am using it in torbrowser in whonixWS.

When I check at it says I’m not using tor and I can connect to sites that block tor’s IP. I think the path is User → Tor → VPN → Internet as intended.

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When running a browser inside Whonix-Workstation, IP leaks, as in not using Tor such as only using a VPN (let alone only clearnet) is highly unlikely. As per:

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FYI if you’re doing

User → Tor → VPN

then the tor step is usually pointless, if your VPN provider knows who you (which they almost certainly do) are then you just eliminated the privacy that tor gave you (same goes for signing into any service which knows who you are or that you signed into while identifiable)

VPN → Tor

is also pretty pointless unless you’re trying to disguise the fact that you’re connecting to Tor. Not in the way that there are any particular cons to this approach but simply because it’s very unlikely that anyone capable of breaking through the anonymity of Tor isn’t also capable of breaking through the anonymity of your VPN

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