Moving Pics from host to work station

I am using Mac OS X. Does anyone know how to move pictures from the host into the work station so I can then upload them online. If this can not be done on a Mac how would I do it on Linux?

Hi Blockchainkid

I think what you are looking for is here:




Hey i’ve been through those documents and i haven’t had any success with a mac can someone explain it to me a bit more precisely. Anyone had any luck on a mac doing this. Ultimately im trying to upload pictures online!

Your question is not Whonix-specific, meaning that instead of having to rely on a handful of Mac-Virtualbox-Whonix users for support, you could tap into the vast support outside of whonix.org.

Search for “transfer files from mac host to debian guest using virtualbox”

Also see virtualbox docs: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#sharedfolders

And follow 0brand’s advice to clean personally identifying info from pics.

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