Move Whonix-Gateway to physical machine

I tried to move Whonix-Gateway from virtual box to physical machine. I created 511GB LVM and left 1GB unecrypted for /boot. I converted my .vdi to img using VBoxManage internalcommands converttoraw Whonix-CLI- Whonix.img. Then I mounted it and copied all files except /boot to opened LVM volume. /boot I copied to /boot. I mounted proc, sys, run and dev and chrooted to the new machine (I did all this activities using live Ubuntu). I changed uuid in /dev/fstab. After grub-update and rebboot I got a blue menu and after I select Whonix I get only blinking _. What I did wrong? What I’ve forgotten? Is there LVM in the Whonix kernel or should I add it manually?
Thanks in advance

LVM: No idea. Standard Debian kernel. No fancy modifications. I doubt it is a kernel issue.

Manually creating a bootable system is very difficult. One of the worst documented and most difficult Linux sysadmin tasks.

There is different documentation for that:

Maybe I’ve forgoen this steo?

I chrooted back to my Whonix but what is strange, I can’t fing update-initramfs (whereis is not workin, /sbin/ and /usr/sbin also not found)

Possibly. Whonix uses dracut.

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