Most private way sharing dev files

Can you suggest the most private and secure way to move my source code for a project from my host to virtualbox and later on servers? I thought of Github, but that shit is owned by microsoft and encrypting files seems extremely fragile. What would you do?

I could put it on usb, but then again I would have to adjust virtualbox and last time the whole fucking vdmk got fucked…

Encryption needed?

For an Open Source project you only need authentication / signatures.

You mean just encrypt them files? But as far as I know git has its problems with encryption

Meant do you even need encryption?

I mean I dont need my code to land on microsfts servers if I can avoid it. Maybe I just encrypt the zip file with a password and then upload it?

I didn’t find great, peer reviewed, solutions to encrypt git.

The usual folder encryption tools would work. Any tools working on Debian should work on Whonix too.