Monero, wating for daemon to run

tried to start monero and get this message:
wating for daemon to start

Any one knows how to fix it?

I used this guid by the way

Monero (XMR): A Reasonably Private Digital Currency

And it seams as if it has bin instald

Daemond semas to be a kind of fundamental part of the operating system.

Thanks for youre reply Patrick.

I did fallow that quide. And the software is instalde

Unfortuntly the problem persists. Otheres using windows allso get the same eror:
Daemon failed to start

They discus this error att coinguides under this topic:

Monero wallet: “Daemon failed to start” error – What is it & how to fix

The solution is kinde of complex involving isolating this files:
monero-wallet-gui.exe and monerod.exe

But thats in windows how sould one fix this in whonix?

I triede to get around it by setting upp a renmote node. But perhaps that a dead end?

Also I have an other unrelated issu and thats is that the window withe whonix “shrinks” some times when I start up. I have read about this but is unablle to fins the link…

Your questions are Monero questions - not Whonix questions
as per Free Support for Whonix ™

You don’t need any exe.

monerod / monero-wallet-gui are already installed by default.

1 issue = 1 forum thread please.

I cannot make head or tail of that description. See:

I suggest you to use cold storage and watch-only hot wallet configuration. This isolate private keys and is easy to config.