Monero GUI is VERY slow

I dont know if it’s only my problem or it’s because of TOR’s inherent slowness but the GUI runs very slowly, crashes(sometimes) and takes like 10 minutes to sync to the remote node. I’ve increased the ram dedicated to the workstation to 4gb
Is there something i can do or i just have to suck it up and wait.
Also 3 more questions .

  1. Can i download the blockchain on the regular network and install it in the workstation.
  2. Does having the blockchain on your workstation increase or decrease security/anonimity?
    3.Does having the blockchain in the workstation have negative effect on the guest/monero gui performance?

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For a new wallet, 10 minutes is very good… if you’re talking about a wallet that gets synced often, then try to use different remote nodes. It can happen sometimes a node isn’t performing very well or down.

Also, Monero doesn’t do a very good job with backward compatibility. If your client runs version 0.13 and the node runs 0.14, expect problems. Sometime it can seem almost absurd. I recall some nodes upgraded from 0.12 to 0.13 before there were binaries available at all. Connecting with a 0.12 client didn’t work. If you wanted to connect to them you had to build the client from source or just wait for the binaries to be available (took some weeks).

Don’t know the answers to your other questions.

Ok give me your oppinion on this setup.
I create a ubuntu guest on virtual box, I install the latest monero gui and i download the 50gb blockchain over clearnet(withvpn ofc)
Then I setup the virtual box network’s adapter to Internal Network Name:Whonix
I import my wallets from seed.

Is that secure or some steps are deanonymising?

Better don’t connect a VM that was previously connected over clearnet over Tor and then expect it to be anonymous. Better transfer the blockchain file through shared folder. Even then, not perfect. Hypothetically that file could be somehow tainted.

Can you help me finding a guide for ubuntu
I found this guide but it’s for windows

Did you try downloading it from Whonix? should take a couple of days I think.

Regarding remote vs. full node:

I didn’t do it, but looks pretty straightforward. If you have basic linux knowledge you know how to navigate to a directory using a terminal and find the file you’ve downloaded / copied…

the command you need to run is

monero-blockchain-import --input-file PATH_TO_FILE

if you’re in your monero directory (meaning in the same dir as the monero-blockchain-import file),

./monero-blockchain-import --input-file PATH_TO_FILE

all the available options for this command, using

./monero-blockchain-import --help

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