Monero and Whonix bug

I installed Whonix ( via virtualbox (6.1.16) on windows (10). Tested on two PCs, installed on SSDs, 32 and 64 GB RAM. Monero downloaded from the official site, I also tried to use the pre-installed one in Whonix (before and after updating via sudo apt-get dist-upgrade)
In both cases, the same problem, it is not possible in Monero - Oxygen Orion (same in to create a new wallet (just nothing happens after clicking on Create Wallet, the same window remains). If you try to open wallet from file - “Opening wallet” hangs endlessly. When you try to close the wallet endlessly “Waiting for daemon to stop”, you cannot close the program without restarting the virtual machine. Even if the daemon was not started and Monero was started for a few seconds, “Waiting for daemon to stop” also hangs tightly.

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You can compare the checksum of:

  • the monero binaries on the disk (or extracted from the package),
  • and then compare them with the downloaded monero tarball.

These are 100% the same.

Issues specific to the Monero Debian Package are highly unlikely since deliberately as a design decision no changes where made to the original to exactly avoid issues such as this. Monero Debian Package is a just a vehicle to easy ship the monero binaries. If one puts the monero binaries into folder /usr/bin that is the same effect.

Issues with,

  • Monero in Whonix (over Tor / in a VM) versus,
  • Monero in Debian (over clearnet / on the host),

are conceivable. For example, this was an issue happening due to running in a VM (happening to (but not specific to) using Debian buster and VirtualBox):

But since you didn’t mention Debian vs Whonix or other operating systems that doesn’t apply here either.

In short: probably user error or heisenbug but not specific to the package. Therefore for such issues please check the monero upstream issue tracker.

Now hashes matches, but problem is still continues.


was replying to:

Omg, hashes do not mach. It means Whonix automatically sets broken wallet??
Check if you have version That’s currently shipped in Monero GUI Debian Package.


dpkg -l | grep monero-gui

Should show:

ii monero-gui all Monero - A Reasonably Private Digital Currency

If not, then you haven’t received the upgrade.

Also run:

monero-wallet-cli --version

(That is /usr/bin/monero-wallet-cli.)

Should show:

Monero ‘Oxygen Orion’ (v0.17.1.1-release)

If hashes are the same then the only difference can be where the binaries are located. Folder /usr/bin vs some other folder. If you believe this is the issue, please try to re-produce on Debian stable (currently: buster), and if applicable, report it upstream and share the link here.

All showing as in your example. Hashes matches, problem continues. Where i can download that Debian? Is process same to Whonix install?
Btw maybe earlier version of Whonix can help? Where can i get it? On previous version of Whonix everything gone well, but i had updated and deleted all old files.


Not available, unsupported.

I have found 15.0 version in my old backups, Monero 17 works correctly on 1 of 2 pc’s. On second PC problem still remains.
I’m not sure if I’m an experienced enough user to do all these operations. I will wait for new versions of Whonix, I hope it will be fixed soon. For now I will use the old version, thanks for the help.

I wouldn’t hope for any fix for this as I have insufficient information to triage any hypothetical bug in anything that Whonix is doing. Therefore nothing actionable that I could work on.

I guess if I reproduced this on two computers with a clean install - someone more experienced, then I could do the same.