moderator rights / staff promotion


Is there any existing Whonix staff that lacks and privileges?

Any existing Whonix supporters that could use a promotion?

Please feel free to suggest anything here. I don’t think we have a existing guidelines for this process, perhaps that’s a good thing and makes it more dynamic.


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Well, if I may make a suggestion, I feel like @entr0py would be someone who, if anyone, deserves one. He seems to be both very supportive and incredibly knowledgeable.

For what it’s worth, I feel like the current process is sufficient, simply because, at least at this point in time, the Whonix-Forum isn’t suffering under massive spam or a lot of legally problematic posts, both because of its size and the fact that for the most part, Discourse seems to filter those out pretty efficiently anyways. That’s why, at least I personally don’t feel like giving more users admin rights is that big of a priority, other than honoring those who go above and beyond in supporting the forum.

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Great! I had the same person in mind.

Any suggestions how to proceed? We just move this topic to the public Whonix organization forum or ask entropy in private?


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Personally, I’d say contacting him beforehand in person might be the better approach.

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Just now sent an e-mail.


@entr0py accepted.

Do you think it’s sane to move this thread to public organization forum so it serves as a history how we reached this conclusion and as an announcement?


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Great to hear that. Personally, either approach (leaving it under Staff or making it public) is acceptable, as I don’t see any reason not to “go public”. Making a public announcement (if @entr0py doesn’t have any objections) would be a good idea either way.

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Moved to public. Made @entr0py forum moderator.


Awesome. Jokes are always funnier when a mod tells them. Thanks for the vote of confidence everyone!