Missing Whonix Logo ?

The main whonix logo is missing on all the pages:

<!-- Header -->
<div id="page-header" class="container signed-in">
  <section class="span12">
  		  <a href="/wiki/Main_Page"  title="Visit the main page"><img src="" alt="Whonix"></a>

Should it not link to https://www.whonix.org/w/images/e/e0/210-Banner.png ?

<img src=""

We don’t want it on any page, using that place in the html, because it would break out mediawiki skin. We are currently using strapping.

Using different method…

On the main page, the logo wasn’t on the top until now, because it takes so much space. But we can alternative the page design every now and then. [The main page needs a major redesign anyhow, but that’s another story.]

You might wonder why the logo is so far on the bottom. See the following code block on Main_Page wiki markup.

Privacy protection. Anonymity online. Anonymous Operating System.</translate>

It’s there because it’s needed for og:image. I.e. it’s the preview image that gets shared when someone shares the page in social media. (Mainly Facebook. Or perhaps twitter also.)

(Yes, the image needs to be really actually on the page. Tricking it, i.e. declaring og:image while not showing that image on that page will not work. Will not show an image preview in social media.)

Today I was working on fixing og:image on the wiki main page as well as in Whonix blog. The logo needs a certain size, otherwise it gets cropped in social media. Or only gets a small rather than a big preview. That’s why the logo looks kinda ugly at the moment in the blog. I need to add some white space to the logo so it ends up at size 470x246 (that I researched today) while not loosing proportion.

Aaah, well that makes quiet a bit of sense.
I agree the main page needs to be redesigned.

The Whonix logo is very nice though :slight_smile: