Missing Libre Illustrative Images




BTW it would be nice to have snapshots of these applications below running in Whonix, or (easier) just some Libre images we can insert in those intro sections in the Chat page to break up all the boring text and instructions.

  1. Ricochet IM
  2. Gajim
  3. Tox

Then, we can use the same images (if Whonix-specific) on the Screenshots page, and create a new “Instant Messenger” section there.


you are asking for an image inside the wiki page itself? if so then move the request here:


Yes. And I think you like these apps, while I don’t trust any of them, nor Bitcoin, nor encrypted email, nor… :grinning:


done :butterfly:



Done :sunglasses:


Thanks! :slight_smile:




Note, my mistake:

It is not




Now fixed on all wiki pages.

Example from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Chaining_Anonymizing_Gateways (so you can copy and paste from most wiki pages):

|description=Chaining Anonymizing Gateways

This makes the image work:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • and forums





Done :muscle::selfie:





all the above images added.