Minor / misc JavaScript discussion

Please review.

[quote=“Patrick, post:1, topic:712”]Please review.

Looked at the tickets and patches. I am unfamiliar with the Tor Browser components, so your solution suffices to me at this point.

Good. At least no obvious syntax errors. (Unlikely, because these modifications are tested, but still, nothing outrageous wrong.) Thanks.

Looks like they don’t want the patch for a custom location for about:tor:

Somehow understandable.

Maybe I can come up with a patch that sets browser.startup.homepage by using an environment variable.

With such a patch, I don’t know if our local browser homepage can use those “special” variables that TorButton provides, i.e. installed Tor Browser version and language.

(But it’s not clear we could have done that with the old page either because we don’t know yet how these special variables work. Eventually that is only allowed for html files that come together with the torbutton add-on. Still totally unclear.)