Microphone don't working in Whonix

Please help me with a problem. I’m newbie in Whonix and Linux. Three days try to solve it, but no results.

The essence of the problem:
In Whonix microphone does not work. The sound is heard, but the microphone is not working. Trying to capture sound in Gnome Sound Recorder, it writes “Your audio capture settings are invalid”. When I try to record through Audacity I have absolute silence.

Initial data:
Whonix through VirtualBox. Home OS Windows 7 x64. Sound and recording work on the primary system.
Add photo with settings.

I Tried to change the audio driver and the audio controller in VirtualBox settings. The sound is heard only at ICH AC97. Tried to change settings of sound in Whonix. No results.

Please, help me. What I need to do/try, to fix that?
Full photo: https://forums.whonix.org/uploads/default/original/1X/d3312ac6227f18b29a8bbbe7c22b07cbe3657d93.png

Good day,

The solution to this depends on what kind of sound card you use and whether your microphone is attached via line-in or USB. In the latter case, you’d have to activate USB in the VBox settings and pass it through. In the first case, looking for specific information about using your sound card combined with VBox would be what I’d recommend.

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Thanks for fast answer, Ego.
My microphone attached via line-in.
Sound card is Realtek alc887. Searched some nformation, trying it. But for now no results.

Good day,

What controller did you set to be emulated? Could you maybe try changing it?

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created a ticket for TODO:
document how to use microphones

Good day!
Now controller is “ICH AC97”. Have “Intel HD Audio” and “Sounblaster 16”. Tried all of them, no one is working.

One interesting moment: in Tails (VMWare) I have working mic, but don’t hear sound :grin: . Tails and VirtualBox is non-working mic too.

Thanks you guys for trying to help and make Whonix better.

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