Messing with network settings inside Whonix-Workstation

I have installed software inside Workstation that modified Workstation network settings. Like docker which creates new network adapter docker0 inside Workstation.
Can i or some software modify workstation network settings and cause leaks ? I’m asking about changes done inside Workstation.
No matter what i do inside Workstation with network adapters and settings i or installed software can’t cause any leaks, right ?

Yes. Workstation is by default set up to run over an isolated internal network so any modifications in Workstation should be safe. However, any usage of Workstation except of Tor Browser can worse your fingerprint which can reduce your anonymity to pseudonimity. It means that your location and real identity will still be hidden, but censor can find out that you are ‘that unique guy that uses docker network apapter over Tor’

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