Message informing me to update Gateway & Workstation

Hi there

Sorry I am quite new to this and its probably quite basic what needs doing but I am slowly learning.

Followed the guide to install Whonix by following the Whonix KVM Wiki page. In doing so I was able to install Whonix Thats because that is the latest Whonix on the KVM instructions.

When I first logged into Whonix gateway a system message has told me I should update Whonix Gateway and Workstation.

I noticed there is another newer version or Whonix (16.0.3 something) however this is not linked to the KVM whonix guide.

What shall I do here? Do I need to wait until the new version appears on the KVM whonix wiki page? Should I also be installing Kicksecure for extra anonymity?

Just run sudo apt update then sudo apt-dist-upgrade. Whonix is based on Kicksecure as a base except it is tweaked for anonymity, so no.

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