Mentioning Privacy on the Internet is Illegal


Did you know that merely visiting the Tor website or any place where Linux, data anonymity,privacy or security is mentioned, is enough to earn you a place in a NSA database? Meaning our communications will be retained indefinitely in their data centers.

This of itself is nothing new. We know that everything is already collected anyway, so looking really, really, really hard at encrypted Tor traffic shouldn’t change anything.

What is truly interesting and alarming about this news is their internal view of netizens. Criminalization of knowledge and privacy, where even trying to understand such topics puts anyone and everyone under unreasonable suspicion. Going far enough to be labeled as extremists.

As users who value our anonymity and basic human right to privacy, this should strengthen our resolve to keep developing and using robust counter-surveillance measures like Whonix and to educate more people about how their basic values are stake and how they can safeguard them.

Another symptom is NSA. When there is a lack of enemies,

They are making enemies of everybody by shutting down legitimate avenues of political expression, accountability and outlawing whistle-blowing. The only reason they would go to that extent and pains to monitor everyone, but especially the American people, is to quell any unrest that happens in response to totalitarian behavior.

Over time, even the NSA’s own employees have become skeptical of the organization’s intentions and purpose.

From what I have seen in this article, I think an important direction to move towards is to concentrate on pluggable transport chaining: where obfsproxy hides that Tor is being used while flashproxy makes use of undocumented bridges - combining the benefits of both is possible. And in the future we could strongly recommend this setup or enable it by default.

On a related note, would you like to add the flashproxy facilitator address to the pages of the Whonix site?

If so here is how:

It sounds interesting. There is a lot to say about this .Feel free to open a new thread.

For legal reasons, it’s best that the people who are developing Tor-related software are not hosting the network as well. This is’s strategy and I think we should copycat this here.