Meek_lite in China

I choose Whonix-Gateway- to try meek_lite, but it is useless in China as other bridges.

Google and Amazon have shut down domain fronting which plugable transports like meek, meek_light rely on. Microsoft is soon to be shutting down Azure cloud as well. This will effectively kill meek.




Hi @lusapa !

Thank you for reporting this! I just tried to route all my traffic to China and the meek-azure actually worked. It was just unbearably slow.

You can try starting anon-connection-wizard with kdesudo anon-connection-wizard and then select meek-azure. As long as the progress bar passes 5%, it indicates meek-azure is still working. All you can do is to wait unfortunately.

I agree that with such an unbearably low speed, it is almost unusable. Maybe try using some censorship circumvention tools to help you connect to the Tor network?

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