MAT2 can't clean large files

Today I tried to clean a 8GB video file with mat2. Small files work flawlessly. With large files mat2 crashes and does not finish the work.

mat2 --show <filename>
Responds with an warning:
Warning: End of processing at large atom (LargeFileSupport not enabled)

I suspect that the problem comes from ExifTool, a dependency of mat2.
Can anybody help me out?

If possible in your case, I suggest to create a Debian buster based VM. Optionally disable networking after installation of mat.

Then try to reproduce the issue without Whonix involved. As per:

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Could be an issue with mat.

In that case, check upstream issue tracker and report a bug upstream against mat.

It is a bug outside of Whonix. However, I hoped that the Whonix community was aware of these behavior and implemented a workaround.

That’s sometimes the case, however upstream bug report is a prerequisite for that.